MCR signThe MCR is the home of postgraduate, ministerial and mature students at Regent’s Park College, Oxford. Our members (of whom there are around 80) mostly live off-site in a combination of University and private rented accommodation around Oxford, but we gather for a drinks reception and dinner every Friday during full term.  Formal Hall, as this dinner is called, is a weekly highlight of the College social calendar; it takes place at 7pm and is usually attended by over one-hundred members of the community (undergraduate and postgraduate students, and staff). The dress code for Formal Hall is a lounge suit and tie for men, and the equivalent for ladies, with the option of ‘black tie’ on weeks 2 and 6. Families, including children, are welcome to attend Formal in week 5.

DSCF2448In addition to Formal, the MCR hosts a variety of academic and social events throughout the year, and updates are regularly posted on this website and our Facebook page. We are always looking for ideas to improve our social calendar and members may also request some subsidy for events they are planning from the MCR Executive by emailing the President. Special MCR events during the year include ‘Carols in the Quad’, a festival of carols with mulled wine on the final Monday before the Christmas vacation, and ‘Quadtails’, a reception with live music before the last Formal Hall of each academic year.

‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ – The MCR is not only a body of people, it is also a subterranean room in College (the Old Chapel) where members can relax, watch television and socialise. In the MCR there are refreshments (tea, coffee, biscuits) and IT facilities (PCs and a printer) for the exclusive use of members.  There is also an MCR Study Room at the back of the Main Library in College.

Valediction 2At the end of each academic year completing students mark their time at Regent’s at a service of valediction (right), when families and friends are invited to celebrate the end of their studies.  If you are a current student and would like more information about Valediction, or to book tickets, please contact the Principal’s Personal Assistant.

If you would like more information about life in the MCR at Regent’s, please do not hesitate to contact the President or, for academic matters, the Tutor for Graduates.

This page is still under construction; more information will be added shortly.


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