MCR Refurbishment – Phase 2

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The latest phase of our MCR refurbishment project was completed today, when our new furniture arrived! The new chairs are (mercifully) lighter than the old red sofas and much easier to move; we hope that this will make the MCR a more versatile space which members can use for social and academic gatherings. The Exec. would like thank everyone who has helped with the refurbishment of the MCR and the MCR Study Room in the Library.

The MCR is now well into its second decade – a representative of the College’s Graduate Society was first co-opted on to the Governing Body in 2002/03 – and with each academic year it grows and diversifies, both academically and culturally, making a bigger impact in College! If this trend continues in the years to come, MCR members will need better facilities; hopefully this refurbishment is just the first phase of improvements in the long-term.

As before, here are some ‘before and after’ shots:


After (1)

After (2)


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